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You need a professional Sarasota moving company that can meet your needs while staying within your budget- Flat Fee Movers gets that. That’s why they provide a wide range of moving services designed to truly meet the needs of their customers, while remaining one of the most affordable moving companies in the Sarasota area.


Whether you’re facing a local or a long distance move, an international or corporate relocation or an office move, Flat Fee Movers is the Sarasota moving company that can provide the right solutions to solve the high demands of moving.


There are some very good reasons why you should hire Flat Fee Movers for your next move, and why you should beware of fly by night Sarasota moving companies. Not all movers are licensed and insured- and that can spell disaster for your expensive possessions if they are lost or damaged during transit. Flat Fee Movers are fully licensed and insured, to protect your belongings from beginning to end.


If your Sarasota moving company does not advertise up front that there are no hidden fees, you could be looking a a big surprise bill when you get where you’re going. If the thought of being handed a moving bill that is nearly double what you had agreed on before your move scares you- it rightly should. That’s how a lot of moving companies do business, by padding their bill along the way. 


Flat Fee Movers has one flat fee for your move that’s not going to change between your current location and your new place of residence. Your bill will consist of two charges: an hourly charge for labor and a travel charge. You will not find any hidden fees before, during or after your move.


Are you interested in a moving experience where you won’t have to lift a finger along the way? With Flat Fee Movers’ professional packing services, they’ll take care of your personal packing and moving for you, so you can think about other more important matters. Their Sarasota moving company uses appropriately sized boxes and packing materials that are right for the job, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in good hands.


What about storage? Often customers need a safe place to store their belongings between moves, or even after in some instances. The same Sarasota moving company that provides seamless moves to their customers also provides secure and affordable storage, so you can sleep soundly at night without worrying that something will happen to your possessions. Some reasons to choose Flat Fee Movers for your storage needs include:


- Professionals who will wrap your furniture in paper and furniture pads to protect them to their fullest while being stored.

- Pricing that is very competitive with other storage facilities

- Convenient location and access to your belongings

- Door to door solutions to pick up and drop off

- Expert trained movers handling your items


You’ll love working with the experienced Sarasota moving company. Flat Fee Movers stand ready to help you with your next move- wherever that may be.


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